Photoshop projects

I took a picture of photo that was cut in a rough oval, BUT we wanted it in a square frame to match a similar photo. I drew the missing parts of the photo. Lightened it up a little, and voila.

It's always hard to take someone else work and fix it to match what the customer really wants.. I was brought a pair of hands holding a tree. Everything was right, but the tree did not match the style of the hands... I redrew the whole thing in an attempt to follow the original style, and overlaid it overtop. The customer was satisfied.

Who am I? I love music, video games, and enjoying a drink on occasion. I love technology and I love photo editing. I am a Marine Corps veteran, and I am a wounded warrior. A proud member of the NRA. This image basically sums all of that up I think.

This is a panorama from downtown GR ellis parking lot. I took the photo in different lighting and just overlaid everything by hand. I liked the effect.

This is only part of the panorama. It contained hundreds of images, and is over 1.5gb. I have reduced the size and quality to fit on the screen and to be able to upload. The detail in the images is really cool, and I had a lot of fun with this full 360 panorama.